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How To Open a New Bitcoin Account Today!
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Bitpanda (Europe)

Freewallet (ALL INTL/Africa/USA/CAN/AUS/NZ & Europe - APP ON PHONE)

Coinbase (ALL INTL/Africa/USA/CAN/AUS/NZ & Europe)

CoinPayments (ALL INTL + Africa/USA/CAN/AUS/NZ & Europe)

Coinmama (ALL INTL + Africa/USA/CAN/AUS/NZ/China & Europe)

Cexio (ALL INTL/Africa/USA/CAN/AUS/NZ/China & Europe)

Gold2Naira (Nigeria)

Luno (Nigeria/South Africa/Europe/Malaysia/Indonesia)

Nairaex (Nigeria)

Zebpay (India - APP ON PHONE)

Unocoin (India)

Blockchain (International)


USA: Option 1: Get an eWallet with 
Once your blockchain wallet is verified, 
go to, link up your US bank account 
and order bitcoin directly to your Blockchain wallet.


Australia - $2K per day limit - Can buy, sell and trade 39 Cyptos - also great exchange




New Zealand: 


Step 1: Get an Ewallet with - 
this is not a bitcoin exchange wallet because there 
isn’t one for Serbia yet but you can receive bitcoin in here 

Step 2: Purchase Bitcoin from a registered company in 
Belgrade  and send this directly to your 
bitcoin address wallet.

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